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In the Tax Settings we have examined the main groups of settings of this type. Now we will focus on the rest of the groups, contained in this section. From the Navigation bar, select Settings->All Settings->Tax settings.

Discount template

This functionality allows you to customise the discount template when you use the "Discount" option in the folios. Clicking on the "New / Edit" button (1) you will be able to choose:

  • Text - the default name for the discount template
  • Revenue Category - you can choose from any revenue category created for revenue group "Discount"


You can set a surcharge fee to apply to all folios in Clock PMS. The surcharge is defined as a percent and is automatically calculated on the basis of the folio value. With the change of the folio value – the surcharge is also recalculated automatically.

The basis for the calculation of a surcharge is the value of the charges posted. Depending on the tax mode selected and the respective surcharge basis (the value of the charges), it may or may not include tax.


  • Surcharge percent (2) - enter the surcharge amount;
  • Surcharge calculated (3) on:

    • Posted value - based on the posted amount of the charges
    • Net value - based on the net value of the charges
    • Gross value -  based on the gross value of the charges
  • Surcharge text (4) - The way you would like it to appear on the folio.
  • Surcharge tax percent (5) - Tax percent to be levied on the surcharge
  • Tax code (6) (leave it empty)
  • Print text (7). Optional. In this field you can enter what you would like the system to reflect as a surcharge service. If you leave the field empty, the service will appear in the invoice the way you have entered it in the ''Text'' field.)
  • Hide on the posting screen (8) - Select this option only if you don't like this service to be visible on the screen for posting manual charges for extra services. This way you can prevent employees from selecting the respective service by mistake.)

Note: Regardless of the default folio surcharge settings, you have the option to change or remove the surcharge for a specific folio. To this end, use the 'Currency/Name/Notes' button of the folio and change the value in the 'Surcharge percent' field.

Folio Printing

This section allows you to set the printing details regarding the view of all your documents (closed invoices) in the system.

  • Default print view (9) - select which of the standard forms to be used by default when printing a document; 
  • Show unit price in the folio printout (10) - select if the unit price of services is to be shown in the Details view. You can choose a net or gross unit price;
  • Folio Print Template (11) - allows you to select a custom folio print template to be automatically used for the folios. Please note that this applies only to the bookings created after the current change in the Folio Print Template field. You can find more details in the Folio Print Templates article.

Default Payment Terms - Days

Enter the number of days (12) upon the folio closing within which the amounts due under the unpaid folios are to be paid. The value set is applied to all folios in the system.

Note: Exceptions to the rule can be set at a folio and company level.

  • For a specific folio, you can change the payment term through the 'Currency/Name/Notes' button in the 'Payment term - days' field.
  • For each company you can set a different payment term that will be valid the folios of this company. You can find more about the company settings HERE.


The settings of this group refer to room charges as a result of rates and the control of rate prices.

  • Use the full rate name as a charge text (13)

    • If selected - the name of the room charges generated by the rates will be a combination of the rate name, the room type of the rate and the name of the rate plan of the rate.
    • If not selected - the name of the rate's charge template will be used in the folio.
Note: The value from the "Print text" field of the rate's charge template will always be used for the print version of the folios.
  • Derived percent rate rounding(14) - It allows you to select the rounding option for the derived percent rates in Clock PMS+. The possible options are 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100 or 1000.

Example with the option set to 0.1

The derived rate is based on the price of 155 EUR with 13% discount, the calculation will be 134.85 EUR (155 - 13%).

Due to the selected option, the result will be 134.9 EUR.

  • Minimum and Maximum allowed prices (15) - This option allows you to specify a price range that can be applied to the standard rates. If a user tries to enter a price in a standard rate outside the range, an error will be generated. They can be used individually or as a combination of both.

Deposit Models

The settings of this group refer to the way of deducting prepaid amounts from the deposit folios. Two models are supported (16) that may work in parallel. For more details, see HERE.

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