For the activation of your channel connection, you will first need to:

  • Have your OTA channel add-on activated (if not, please contact the Support Team)
  • To have all OTAs fully set up and ready to be connected


The connection to the OTAs is performed by the support team. Please contact us in order to created the channel manager file for your property (more details about the management of the file can be found here).

Once the file is ready, the Support team will start working on the connection to the OTAs.

Optional settings

Once the channel manager is activated, you can manage the following optional settings by going to 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'RoomCloud channel settings'. 

The different OTAs can be set in different connections - if applied, please open the connection with the corresponding OTAs:

  • Default marketing segments - default values for the marketing elements. More details about their setup and usage can be found here.
  • "Max rooms" option in the "Room map" section- use this option to control to how many of your available rooms of a given room type to be sent with a single update. There will be separate line for each Clock PMS+ room type for each OTA.

If you have 5 rooms available, with Max Rooms set to 3, only 3 rooms will be sent. When only 2 rooms are available, and the Max Rooms option is set to 4, only 2 rooms will be sent. 

Company Map Section

You can set up the following for each OTA:

  • Company - a dropdown menu of your company profiles registered in Clock PMS+ to select from. Each booking imported from this channel will be created with the company profile selected in this field;
  • Event - a dropdown menu of events created in Clock PMS+ to select from. This option is designed to be used when you have minimum contracted rooms, as events can block contracted rooms. It will list only the events associated with the selected Company profile. For more info, please contact our Support Team;
  • Rate charge transfer:
    • Don't transfer rate charges – the rate charges will remain in the created booking folio.
    • Transfer rate charges to Company/Event - the rate charges will be transferred to an open folio in the selected Company or Event profile
    • Transfer rate charges to Agent - the rate charges will be transferred to an open folio in the Agent profile. Please contact the support team for more details about the Agents setup in Clock PMS
  • Deduct Tax %- controls if the tax amount will be deducted from the price provided by the OTAs:
    • If your tax mode is "No tax" or "Tax included in prices", please leave this field empty
    • if your tax mode is "Tax not included in prices" and an OTA sends the bookings to Clock PMS+ with tax included in the price, please specify the tax % that needs to be deducted in order to have correct booking prices in Clock PMS+.
  • Disable Registration Card Creation - if enabled, the import of bookings from the OTAs will stop the creation of registration cards for extra guests in bookings (in case they are sent by an OTA). A registration card will be created for the main guest in the booking only.
Note: "Switch to Agent and Company mapping (v2)" option: if you plan to import Company and Agent profiles (sent by the OTAs), please consult the support team about the required settings in Clock PMS+ before switching the mapping option.

RoomCloud Charge Template Map Section

To be able to sell supplements in the OTAs, you need to specify a default charge template from Clock PMS which will be used for all supplements that we receive.

If you plan to import the supplements with a specific room type, please:

  • Click on "Add"
  • Fill up the name of the supplement (from the channel) in the "RoomCloud supplement text" field
  • Select the corresponding Clock PMS charge template
  • Save the changes