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Hi. Welcome to the Clock PMS+ family and thank you for choosing our products.

Step 1: Accept bookings

Here you specify the details needed for issuing documents, the room types, the actual rooms, the taxes that apply, and the currencies you need for setting prices and accepting payments.

With that, you are ready for your first bookings.

Account Info

Room (Unit) Types

Rooms (Units)

Tax settings

Exchange rates (Currency)

Step 2: Automate pricing and charging

This second group of settings let the system calculate and/or charge automatically overnight charges, local taxes and extra charges and provide you with accurate f&b information.

Now routine operations and calculations are automated and less likely to result in human error.

Rate Plans and Standard Rates

City Tax

Charge templates


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Rates: Occupancy Adaptable Rates
Rate: Bonus Codes 
Rate: Package Elements (Advanced Rates Add-On)

Step 3: Communicate with your clients

Set up Guarantee policies, Logos and location on google maps and translate all important information.

With this you ensure greater client commitment, make your property easy to identify and find, and reach potential clients anywhere.

Guarantee policies


Location Map

Languages and Texts

Step 4: Get detailed financial and statistics reports

This will make it possible to analyse your payments and revenue in-depth and collect all client data you need.

Now you have your reports customised to your needs.

Revenue Groups and Categories

Payment Sub-Types

Registration Card Fields

Marketing Sources / Channels

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