The Commission processing module provides you with the following options:

  • Calculation of commissions
  • Check of the calculated amounts 
  • Tracking paid and payable commissions to your partners 


In order to set a default commission percentage for a partner, go to the „Company' - 'Search Company'. Use the search tool to find the respective company profile to edit or create a new profile. The default commission percentage is added from the 'Commission' section.

The commission can also be set directly or modified from the booking edit screen.


To open the commission processing module, go to the 'Company' - 'Commissions'. Use the available filters to find the bookings having a commission:

  • Arrival period - shows the bookings having an arrival date in this period;
  • Departure period - shows the bookings having a departure date in this period;
  • Payment period - shows the commissions with a payment date in the searched period (more details below);
  • Company - shows the bookings with a company profile selected in their settings;
  • Checked - filters commissions based on the status of the 'Checked' option:
    • All - shows all commissions, regardless of the selected option;
    • Checked - shows only the commissions marked as 'Checked;
    • Not checked - shows only the commissions not marked as 'Checked;
  • Paid - filters the commission based on the payment date value: 
    • All - shows all commissions regardless of the value
    • Paid - shows only the commissions having a payment date
    • Not paid - shows only the commissions not having a payment date
  • Booking - filters the commissions based on their booking status:
    • Active (combines the Expected, Checked-In and Checked-Out statuses)
    • Expected
    • Checked-In
    • Checked-Out
    • No Show
    • Cancelled

Click on the 'View' button to see the commissions based on the search filters.

Note: The user needs to have the 'Commission processing: Edit' user right granted in order to be able to manage the commissions.

To calculate the commission of bookings:

  • Click on the 'Select Multiple' button and select the desired bookings;

  • Click 'Calculate commission'. The calculated amount will be based on the total amount of the charges of  ROOMS and PACKAGES revenue groups for each booking.

You can use the rest of the buttons from the above image to quickly mark the selected commissions as:

  • Checked
  • Not checked
  • Paid (will use the current calendar date as the payment date)
  • Not paid (removes the payment date)

Click on the 'Edit commissions' button to update the details of the commission, including you can enter a custom commission as an absolute value and add a note about this commission. The same operation can be performed from the booking editing screen.


Note: The commissions processing module is designed as an informational tool and will not affect any other report.