Bookings' Guarantee option and confirmation status in Clock PMS+ helps you manage the guarantee options for a booking and its confirmation letter sending progress.

1. Guarantee Option

The Guarantee option is used for calculating the required deposits in the WRS and confirmation letters for a booking, as well as to inform clients of the hotel terms and conditions related to the guarantee option.

  • Select a pre-set guarantee option in the Guarantee Option field when creating or editing a booking.
  • Finish with the creation of a new booking and click 'Create' or 'Save' for existing bookings.
Note: The selected guarantee option's title and description will appear on confirmation letters to guests. For more information on setting up guarantee options, see: Guarantee policies

2. Confirmation Letter

Click the 'Confirmation' button on the booking screen and choose the language of the confirmation letter to a guest, then:

  • Click the Send button to email the confirmation letter;
  • Click the Print button for printing the confirmation letter;

Check the example confirmation below.

Check also: Settings: Booking Confirmation Email

3. Booking Status

Having sent an e-mail booking confirmation through the Send button on the Confirmation screen, the booking status will change from Not Confirmed to Confirmed @ time of sending the confirmation letter, guest's e-mail.

When the confirmation letter to a guest has been sent through another method:

  • Click the Confirm! Button on the Confirmation screen to change the booking status from 'Not Confirmed' to 'Confirmed';
  • Enter the method of sending the confirmation letter to a guest in the Source field of the pop-up message;

4. Credit Card Details

If through a WBE or Channel Manager, credit details are received as a booking guarantee, they will be filled in automatically in the Credit Card field of the booking. To check the credit card details, click the Edit button next to the Credit Card field on the edit form of a booking;

You can also enter manually client's credit details received as a booking guarantee. On a new/edit booking form:

  • Click the Edit button next to the Credit Card field;
  • Fill in the Credit Card fields:
    • Card number;
    • Brand;
    • Holder name;
    • Respective credit card code;
    • Month and Year of expiration of the credit card;
  • Click 'Save';

5. Guaranteed CheckBox

All expected guarantees can be tracked in the 'Bookings awaiting guarantee' report.

  • Tick the Guaranteed checkbox on the booking's Edit screen when guarantee option's requirements have been met by a guest, e.g. a deposit or credit card details are received, etc.
  • The same booking will no longer appear in the 'Bookings awaiting guarantee' report.

Example: 'Booking Confirmation'