In Clock PMS+, it is very easy to create a new booking. Even entering only the most essential information of a stay and guest, i.e. the period of stay, room type or number, guest's e-mail and/or name, is enough for the creation of a new booking with Clock PMS+. Just follow these few simple steps:


  • Select 'Booking' – 'New Booking' from the navigation strip;
  • Click in the Arrival field to set the exact date of arrival from the pop-up calendar;
  • You can set the period of stay in two ways:
    • By typing the number of nights in the Nights field, OR;
    • By choosing the exact date of departure in the Departure field
  • Click in the Arrival Room field, then choose the room type or exact room number
    There are two ways of automatic allocation of an available room number:
    • Click the Allocate Room button to automatically allocate a room number from the available ones matching the defined room type;
    • Click the 'dots' button to manually allocate a certain available room number from the dropdown menu;
  • Contact information. To complete the booking, you need to enter at least one of the following:
    • Name of a company or event
    • E-mail
    • Name
    • Phone
  • Click 'Create' to save the booking.


Now you can preview the Confirmation Letter for this booking:

  • Click 'Confirmation' and choose the language of the booking confirmation email;
Please note that the Total Booking Price in the confirmation letter will read 0.00, when the room rate is not defined in the booking. How to set the room rate, see in Booking - Rate and City Tax

Start from the Availability Screens

An easy start of a booking from the Availability screens:

  • Go to 'Availability' – 'Room Plan';
    • Click any available room in green;
    • Click the 'New Booking' to make a new booking;
  • Go to 'Availability' – 'Room Calendar'
    • Click any blank square in a room line;
    • Click the 'New Booking' button;
  • Go to 'Availability' – 'Occupancy Forecast'
    • Select a period of time;
    • Click a number in green showing the free rooms for a particular date to start a booking;
  • Go to 'Availability' – 'Rate and Availability'
    • Select the desired criteria;
    • Click the Book green button on the particular type of rooms displayed;