Setup of Bonus Codes

Boost your sales through bonus codes. Use these bonus codes for promotions, mailing campaigns and corporate rates. Only the guests having the respective bonus code can see the related bonus rates on the Web Reservation System (WRS). Here is how you can set this feature:

  • Go to the Web menu in the navigation bar;
  • Select 'Settings – Web Reservation System';
  • Go to the Web Reservation System Rates Section;
  • Click the 'Choose Rates' link;
  • Enter a bonus code in the lines of those WRS rates to be visible through this bonus code only. Each rate can have multiple bonus codes, use a comma as a separator. Here is an example:  Code1,Code2,etc.
  • Click 'Save'
Tip: You can rename these bonus rates specially for a specific promotion campaign. To do so, go to 'Settings – Languages and Texts' and click Rate Description/Translation. Enter their new names in the respective 'Display/Print' name fields and click 'Save'.

Use of Bonus Codes

You can send your clients a bonus code to enter on the first page of the WRS. Alternatively, you can send them a bonus code deep link to click and see the bonus rates on the WRS. Please note that bonus  codes are case sensitive.

Creation of Bonus Code Deep Links

  • Go to the Web menu in the navigation bar
  • Select 'Link Builder'
  • In the Bonus Code field, select the respective bonus code
  • If your WRS is integrated into one or more of your website pages, select Inline Integration and enter the inline url
  • If your WRS opens in a new page outside our hotel website, click External Integration
  • Click Generate for the creation of the bonus code deep link

So now when clients enter a bonus code, they will see the bonus rates in addition to the standard rates.