I. The interface supports the following features:

1. Hotel charge transfer:

  1.1. You can transfer charges to a hotel guest folio:

  1.2. You can also transfer charges to company folios. Please note that the event folios are not available for charge transfers. 

If you need to transfer charges to an event folio they have to be first transferred to another open folio associated with the same company and then manually transferred to the event one.  The charge transfer to company folios is an optional feature and can be enabled and disabled at any moment.

Thanks to the unique interface implementation, you can use the same search box in LightSpeed POS to find both guests (by name or room number) and companies accepting charge transfers which makes transfers really easy.

2. Daily revenue transfer (optional). 

This feature allows you to generate consolidated revenue reports for both your hotel and F&B departments.

All charges which were not transferred to Clock PMS+ can be transferred to a specially configured POS account within your Clock PMS+ subscription. Please ask our support team to create such a POS account for you before you can activate the Daily Revenue transfer. You need to specify the daily revenue transfer start date so that our support specialists can configure it. Additionally, you can enable the transfer of payments, so that they can be also included in Clock PMS+ reports. You can include or exclude the revenue and payments generated by Lightspeed, which are not yet transferred to the hotel by simply including the mentioned POS account in your reports together with your Clock PMS + account(s).

II. Configurations:

Important:  Before starting the configurations, please make sure that your LightSpeed Account has been added to the Clock PMS+ partner portal in the LightSpeed system. For these settings, you can contact the Lightspeed team.

You will first need to access the Clock PMS+ settings and the credentials for your LightSpeed POS account as well as the company ID.

1. Once in Clock PMS+, go to 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Lightspeed Account Settings' and click the New button. On the screen that will open, fill in:

  • Company Name - The name of the outlet to appear in  the charges and reports;
  • Company ID - Your Lightspeed POS Company ID that we will use for the configuration of the interface;
  • Currency - The currency to be used in case we find a currency mismatch between your Clock PMS + account and your LightSpeed account.

2. Click Create

On the next screen, fill in your LightSpeed username, email address, and password and click Sign In.

3. Click Allow

4. The interface is configured, but not enabled yet.

5. Click on Configure in order to make the necessary interface configurations

  • Transfer limit - You can define the limit of the amount that can be transferred to Hotel folios;
  • Transfer Tips - It will transfer the tips to the hotel folios;
  • Allow the Transfer to Companies - Enable the transfer to company folios;
  • Use Floor - This option will let you make separate revenue mapping configurations for each LightSpeed floor;
  • Use Floor name - if the 'Use Floor' feature is enabled, you can select to include the Floor name in the descriptions of the charges;
  • Lightspeed Revenue Group/Revenue group/Revenue category - It allows you to select which Revenue group and Revenue category to be used when the charges from the given LigthSpeed item group is transferred as well as the values to be added in the charge custom fields. The custom fields values may be very important for the data transfer to you financial system;
  • Daily POS Transfer - Select to which POS account the daily revenue and payments should be transferred at the end of each day. Please note that account should be specially created by our support team to this end;
  • Allow Payment Data Transfer - Use this option, If payments should be transferred at the end of the day
  • Edit (next to each payment type) - It allows you to define which Clock POS payment types and subtypes to be used for the payment transfer.
  • Billing info - select a company profile to specify the Billing info of the folio to which the full Daily revenue will be transferred. 
  • Document type - select with what document type will the folio be closed. 

6. Click Save to finish the process and enable the interface;

7. Enjoy. 

Your LigtSpeed charge transfer is now active. In order to transfer bills to a hotel booking, you will need a payment type of the Room type. If such a payment type doesn't exist, please log in to the restaurant manager and add a payment type of the Room type. 

In order to have a fully working interface, please also make sure the following options are on:

  • Book receipts on the day the receipt was finalized ('Settings' — 'Report settings' — 'Book receipts on the day the receipt was finalized') is on in order to have consistency between Clock Software's and LightSpeed's reports;
  • The "Allow room charge updates" option is to be activated. It only can be activated by the LightSpeed support team, and if it is not, this may result in tips not being transferred to the hotel bill of the guest.

III. Interface specifics and things which you need to know:

    1. Find a guest by name or room number (only the checked-in guests that are in the hotel today will be shown). If you enable the Allow Transfers to Company option, the search will allow you to search for a company accepting charge transfers and transfer charges to its open folios ;

    2. Transfer charges to a guest/company folio when the restaurant bill is closed through the hotel transfer payment type;

        -The interface checks if the booking/company accepts charges or not;

        -If the booking folios are closed, the interface will open a new one and will create the charges there. If you want to transfer charges to a company, the folio should be created in Clock PMS+ and to be an open one;

        -A separate charge for each item in the bill will be created. The charge will have the same name as in LightSpeed. The print text of the charge will be the name of the outlet / floor plus the restaurant bill number. This way, the Invoice will be clearer (Example:Tea (7th street Restaurant #227812)). By default, the charge Revenue Group is FOOD & BEVERAGE, the Revenue Category is Lightspeed POS transfer, but you can configure which revenue group and category the items from each LightSpeed product category should be transfered to by going to the the interface configuration screen ('Other' - 'Settings' - 'Lightspeed Account Settings');

        -TIPs are handled (optional)

    3. If the hotel bill is voided, negative charges will be added to the customer folio;

    4. The charges transferred from Lightspeed can be filtered in the charge reports using the Source filter. When you set the Source filter to 'Transferred', you will see the charges transferred from Lightspeed only. When the Source  filter is set to 'Not Transferred', the transferred charges will be excluded from the charge reports.